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Tourist Attractions

Sears Tower
Though the Sears Tower is no longer the tallest building in the world, at nearly 1,500 feet it still dominates the impressive Chicago skyline.  Though the tower is the home to many offices, most who visit come to see the view from the skydeck. The Skydeck tour includes photos, models, and a short film which precede the express elevator ride to the observation deck. Bring your binoculars and a zoom lens for the best views of Chicago.
233 S Wacker Dr • Tel 312.875.9696 •

Navy Pier
From the distance the Navy Pier appears to be a long dock with a big ferris wheel. Up close one finds that there are a wide variety of attractions and entertainment to enjoy.  Among the attractions are the carousel ride, the Skyline stage, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the Chicago Children's Museum and others. A variety of shops and eateries are also along the Navy Pier.  The pier regularly hosts a wide variety of events including concerts, art fairs, and other exhibitions. 
600 E Grand Ave • Tel 800.595.7437 •

Hancock Center
The John Hancock Center is one of the tallest buildings in North America though it is often overlooked by tourists who seek out the Sears Tower.  Located on Michigan Avenue the Hancock Center is surrounded by a neighborhood full of boutiques, department stores, and a wide variety of restaurants. The Hancock Center is the home to many offices and has an observation deck on the 94th floor, a restaurant on the 95th, and a lounge on the 96th. 
875 N Michigan Ave • Tel 312.751.3680 •

Shedd Aquarium
The John G. Shedd Aquarium is the home to a wide variety of aquatic wildlife.  The facility is roughly divided into two areas.  The Aquarium area focuses on freshwater fish and the Oceanarium contains saltwater dwellers like dolphins and sea otters.  One of the biggest attractions is a large recreation of a coral reef that is considered one of the best displays of its kind in the nation.  Besides the wildlife, the Shedd aquarium contains many fun and informative exhibits. 
1200 S Lake Shore Dr • Tel 312.939.2426 •

Adler Planetarium
The Adler Planetarium offers shows typical to many planetariums, but it also contains a variety of impressive and informative exhibits. Some of the displays are multi-media productions with narration and video screens. Other displays, like the 3-D models of the solar system are simpler but still impressive.  The Sky Pavilion, the new addition to the planetarium, contains the the 3-D interactive StarRider theater.
1300 S Lake Shore Dr • Tel 312.322.0590 •